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The Furry Kids Finally Got Me

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So this morning (4:45am) I'm chasing JoJo up the hallway as she's just run off with my knickers. Out of now where one of the cats shoots through my legs followed by my cocker, Jesie. My body goes one way and my ankle goes the other!

Off to the doctor's I went who proceeded to tell me that I have a very bad sprain and once the swelling has gone down I will need an x-ray as I may have a fracture!

I'm now on crutches and going on holiday in 10 days time! Arghhhhhhhh bloody animals
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Oh no! I'm sorry. What a terrible time to get an injury (though I imagine it would be rotten whatever time of the year!).

I can sympathize, as Spock is behind two broken foot bones himself.
I'm sorry. I hope you recover quickly before your holiday. I will send positive thoughts for no fracture.
Here's wishes for no fracture, a speedy recovery, and furkids who don't damage Mum!
Oh no! What horrible timing. Here's hoping it's just a sprain and nothing is fractured.
Hope you are okay and it's not broken. Funny thing, I just head a couple weeks ago that our pets are the number one cause of falls at home.
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Hope it heals quickly and doesn't turn out to be a fracture. Have fun on your holiday!
Hope your ankle doesn't turn out to be a fracture...

I actually have Moosie to thank for my own broken ankle three years ago - indirectly though, as some of my own stupidity comes in as well I guess. It wasn't the usual tripping over him type of injury, though - we were out on a walk and he went down some stairs from the path to the beach and was then walking along below while we continued above - one of his favourite things to do. At a certain point the beach disappeared (it was high tide) and so he had to swim... and since he is not the most confident swimmer ever I decide in my infinite wisdom to go down a ramp that is up ahead to cheer him along. I just so happens that the ramp was covered in algae or something else invisible but slippery, and so I took one step onto the ramp and that was all she wrote. The first human/animal to reach me was... Moosie! Obviously he was able to swim the rest of the way without my encouragement... All of the dogs got to ride in the ambulance with me to the hospital, though!
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Hope it heals up soon and you can enjoy your holiday.

I had a really bad sprain 6 years ago curtesy of one of the dogs. I was walking her on the lead and she saw a deer. She started running and rather than making her stop I tried to keep up with her and put my foot down a hole. I don't wish to alarm you but it was so bad that I couldn't walk the dogs myself for about 6 weeks.
Thanks for the well wishes guys. It actually isn;t as sore now and I can out the tiniest bit of pressure on it. My mother in law has been walking the dogs for me, she's a god send.

Even if its not all better my Sunday I'm just hoping that I can walk a little.
Just stay off it and do as your doc says. All will work out.
I have always wondered why dogs take the underwear....even the clean ones....it puzzles me....
Originally Posted By: AmberI have always wondered why dogs take the underwear....even the clean ones....it puzzles me....
because we think its clean but i sure it smells alot different to the pups. as icky as that sounds.


Hope you make a speedy recovery.
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