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Midland Hospice – one of the places Shiloh B. and I visit – is having their Celebration Walk this evening, something that he and I participate in; it is their major fund raiser. It may prove to be somewhat of a challenge for him(and me too) since the Hospice sits on 22 acres with somewhat rolling land and some woods at the edge – when my dad was a patient there we did see Deer and I have also spotted various smaller wild critters there too (Shiloh B has too). Thank goodness there are a lot of people there as well as a few with dogs – hopefully Shiloh B. will know that this is a time to behave (yea, right). This year will be a little different – usually my sis goes and takes one of her Westies but this year sis is going but she says the Westie is staying home because she needs a haircut really bad so sis is letting me take Shasta B. I am really looking forward to this – it will be one more step towards getting Shasta ready for her therapy dog evaluation this fall – she is really social and loves people - gets all wiggly-squiggly around them.

And yes, I am hoping that there will be some pictures – I know I am planning on taking my camera.
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