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the amazing bloodhound nose....

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This story is about 'honorary beagles' aka bloodhounds.

My son lives near a police dog training facility well known in this region. He rents a house next door to the place where these police officers are housed with their dogs while they are in training. The program lasts about 4 weeks, so he has new neighbors frequently from around the country, and enjoys meeting all the dogs and officers.

Earlier today, a group from Tennessee, asked my son to be a 'fugitive' for a group of bloodhounds to track inside the city limits. They asked him to climb in his truck and drive about about one mile away taking several turns and switchbacks. The only thing they had was his baseball cap.

He said it was amazing, but they found him; he had even hidden his truck inside the ambulance barn at the hospital he works at! He fell in love with the bloodhounds, said they were so friendly and gentle.....LOVE attention....but when it came time to work....they were ALL nose.

Every month, there are different breeds of dogs in training from various states. So far, his favorites have been the bloodhounds and their jolly dispositions.
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Quote:Originally posted by Charlie mom:
The nose is really something. Is Beagle consider as a bloodhound?
bloodhounds and beagles are both part of the 'scent hound' group of hounds

Like Monica, I had no idea a bloodhound could track a person's scent if they were inside a car!! I found that totally amazing! Besides that, think of all the other scents in town, ie: hundreds of other vehicles, people, animals, garbage. My son also was able to follow the dogs during a different training exercise. He said that along the way, kids would run out to try and pet the dogs; they were always friendly and allowed the kids to touch them, but enjoyed getting right back to work.

I googled 'bloodhound' and read up on these interesting dogs. The scent hound nose is truly a miracle. (I wonder if Cheerio has ever used a bloodhound in her work?)

Sandy, I looked up the books you mentioned, and have added them to my list of 'must reads' on my next vacation. Thanks
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