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Just a quick note to thank everyone for sending pictures to me of their lovely beags. My speech went FABULOUS ( I did it from 3rd person-or pet as the case may be-and talked as if I were speaking for my Harley dog) they loved every moment of it, and the pics I used for the power point were so great-we have ICN classes-which there are people all over SE Iowa watching the class on TV's, etc, from different areas and so when I put the beags' pics up-it covered their whole screen and they just loved to see the different colors and sizes of the beags.

What a great community we have here-I made sure to mention it so credit would be given where credit is due (MURPHYS DAD YOU ROCK)

so a great big AROOO and thank you everyone for helping me out so much. And if anyone wants to read a bit about the history of beags, let me know, I would be happy to send on a copy /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif

A grinning bubbly A+ student Judi
Harley (who is glad I am finally home from night class) and lil Maggie who just wants puppy lovin
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