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Re: Temporarily Dogless may soon be dogless no mor

My Tanna is "Mojave Dessrt Santana" - both his parents are international field champs and are owned by Don Potts. I've had some dealings with them since I had to send two pups from JoJo and Tanna's first litter to them to pay for Tanna. There is an "extended" family involved - and some of his brothers have kennels, some are out of state. He usually shows puppies from his home instead of the kennel. I have to tell you some of the things I have heard - that not all dogs are from his lines - he does a lot of "trading", as he did with me - however my JoJo's lines are just about as impressive as Tanna's. He got $700 for one of my little girls and $800 for the other - which is more than he advertises his dogs for on the site - but that's because of their pedigrees. I do have all Tanna's "papers", DNA testing, etc., and he has an awesome pedigree and he is a beautiful little dog. However, if you are just getting a "pet" - you may NOT be getting a pup from the Mojave Desert Lines. He's been known to get 8-10 puppies for one of his dogs - and the pups don't have to be from "superior" lines. Don does have some great dogs - and there are many champions in his lines. I have an internet buddy whose husband raises field champions and he's drooling at the thought of getting one of JoJo and Tanna's puppies to train from this upcoming litter. Since you aren't interested in breeding, but just getting a puppy as a pet, Mojave Desert is probably all right. We had a big problem with him about vaccinations - but that was a personal thing between their policy, my vet's policy and who I trust with my dogs - my vet wins every time! I don't plan to deal with them in the future, but it's certainly one of the biggest beagle kennels in the US, and he does have some awesome beagles. Please feel free to contact me if I can be of any help. Glenda
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