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People here have advised the use of a food lure to get the down, and that is the method that most trainers/owners will use. It isn't your only option, and as you've found, luring can be kind of tricky, when you dog gets up to get the treat. Also, once you take the lure away, the dog needs to figure out what it is that you actually want, since she got reinforced for pursuing the treat before and now it's gone.
I like to capture behaviours. It takes a bit of patience and good timing, but once you capture, the dog learns FAST. The idea is that you wait for the dog to offer the behaviour. Dogs do lie down on their own, all the time. Have some treats ready (and here's the patient part) and wait for your dog to lie down. The second she does it, GO WILD! YES, GOOD DOG, HURRAY! And offer a treat. Your dog thinks, whoa, I just did something really good, and if your timing was good and you praised RIGHT when she did it, then it won't take long for her to do it again.
Capture the lie-down with praise and treats every time you see Georgia do it. After you've captured six to ten lie-downs, you can start using a cue word, down or lie down when you see Georgia start to lie down. She'll associate this new word with the behaviour that gets her so much praise. After you sneak in the cue word DURING the behaviour about six to ten times, you should be able to start asking for the behaviour, no lure needed, and Georgia will happily drop down!
Best of luck!

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