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We have two deformed beagles. One I did, when Cobi was a puppy, now 9 years old, he didn't get in the door fast enough and it caught his tail about three inches from his rear. He tail is fat up to that point, and then gets very skinny to the tip. It still works as his rutter, so I guess he's okay.

Casie was born with a large chest bone. That is why he can't be bred or shown and why his mother gave him to us. She calls it a deformity, we call it a Casie bone. When we first got him, it was well pronounced, but now that he has grown into his body, it's not soooo bad. We just call him Casie.

If you wanted to show her, yea, that would be problem. But if you want a loyal gal-pal and friend, Bianca, looks like a winner to me.
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