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Today is Susi's 7th birthday. She has come a long way from that nervous 5 year old we collected from the animal home. Susi had never climbed stairs let alone come down them, so would cry when we went upstairs to bed. With a lot of coaxing and help she finally made it up and down.
Susi (and Snoopy) had never known peace and quiet and spent the first week sleeping. Then the big day came when they got their own beds, which they still love today, Susi lay like a princess in hers.
The big wide world outside the house was a mystery to them and a very scary place. Grass was avoided as if populated with evil monsters and strange creatures like birds, squirrels and cats screamed at just incase they should think of attacking. Humans were not to be trusted but Susi always made a fuss of them whilst Snoopy would growl and warn them off.
Dear Susi we hope we have you (and Snoopy) for many years to come and thank you for making our lives so happy and worthwhile.
(Photos to follow)
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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