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Bring Susi back on leash to where she is spooked. Bring a chair out there and sit with her for a while, reassure her there is nothing wrong, you are perfectly ok sitting there relaxing.
During the training, Charlie is afraid of practical anything loud. He was afraid of traffic, cars pulling in the parking lot, driving around the corner of the street. The trainer had me stood at the corner of the street with Charlie on leash, watching all traffic went by, people pushing shopping carts. At the same time telling him, it is ok, and even I was not afraid. Gradually, he overcame his fear and walking by my side. I remember standing at the corner of our street with him between my legs(hehe), tail down, watching the traffic for over 10 minutes. Now he is pulling me along. Susi needs to overcome her fear. Hope she can do it, poor thing.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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