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I was supposed to pick Sammy up after work today (Friday). Last night I got home and there was a note that said went to the store. About a half hour later hubby and the kids pulled into the drive. I went out to help with what I thought was groceries, and hubby handed me my puppy!

I think I made a great choice in dog - my house is VERY VERY loud. We have 9 of our own personal dogs plus several fosters, along with 4 kids under the age of 9. He couldn't have cared less - he played and pounced and ran around wagging his tail like he had always been there. Of course my retired brood mama pit bull Jasmine(they estimate she had at least a dozen litters before I rescued her at the age of 9) is playing Mommy to him.

And...no one got any sleep. He whined and barked all night. Around 4 am we tried him in the bed but he wouldn't settle. Back out to the crate. More whining and crying. No accidents in there though! Anxiously awaiting the first peaceful night!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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