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A Skin Doc for those not sure what it means. She has an appointment Thursday morning.

Poor Summer has had these break outs (like pimples that burst) all over her body. They make her very itchy. She begs us to scratch her constantly. If we don't, she will sit there and lick and chew until she is raw. Hydroxizine (antihystamine) doesn't work. We are trying 50mg of Benadryl, hoping it gives her some relief. Summer has been battling this problem since November. After 3 rounds of steriods and antibiotics, and changing their food to a hypo-allergenic kind and eliminating people food, her vet says we are out of options.

Wish us luck.

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Poor Summer!

I intend to keep your girl on my doggy prayer list.....

belly rubs and scratches to Summer :heart:

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Poor thing, I hope a solution will soon be found!
From past posts...I know that you only feed your
2 beags the best kibble available...but do you
also give them the appropriate vitamins &
minerals? Snapper had a problem with "dry skin"
in his late years & the addition of fish liver oil
cured that! Apple cider vinnegar helps to avoid
arthritis & joint problems,etc! And adding cooked
or uncooked oatmeal to their food often will
prevent constipation! Egg's enhance coat health &
the lutein in eggs support eye health! Tumeric can
prevent cancer & saw-palmetto keeps the prostate
on un-newtered dogs healthy as well! (Just a few
tip's that we have learned). And Goober is our
"case-study" for a long life for a beag! Tonight,
Goober was "energized enough" to pester me for his
supper before Homer got the chance to do so! :thumbup:

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poor girl ...Valentine's Day at the doctor /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/frown.gif

I hope they find out the problem and you're feeling better soon !!
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