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Sudden Realization

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Our Katie is almost 8 and although she's been gray in the face since she was about four, she's always been active, particularly since we've been giving her the Chrondritin/Glucosamine food.

This is why it was such a surprise this weekend when both my husband and I realized that she was old. It's really hard to explain, but it was so sudden, like day and night. Has anyone ever seen this?

And, if you can believe it, yesterday she pulled a muscle in her shoulder while she was trying to play with me, so now the poor thing is limping.

Welcome to the senior years. Thanks for listening.
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The dog years really do just fly by!
Only just the other day, I realized that my family's shih tzu is 11 years old! It really only seems like yesterday that I got her as a pup.
Thats how it happens. One day you look into that face and you see a puppy. The next you look down and the same face is staring back except there is gray amongst the brown and black muzzle. Time really does fly by for them.
Sometimes it makes me sad. I cannot believe Maggie will be 3 in a few weeks. I just try to remember to enjoy every day.
Originally Posted By: jassyI just try to remember to enjoy every day.
Great advice, sometimes you have to put everything else aside and just spend some time with the dogs
I usually put aside dishes as the wife can attest to
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I am starting to see a little bit of gray around my beagle's face too & he is only 3 1/2 yrs.
I can agree with Jassy & Rocky D, I make the time to spend with him and enjoy as much as I can
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My first dog Lilly went gray very quickly, by the age of 8 she was almost completely white on her face, head and some of her back. Rosa is the opposite, she is 8 and just has a few white hairs in her eyebrows and that's it, she doesn't look old or act it either.

Sherry has a very white head but I don't know what her colouring was as a young dog she may not have had much tan or black to start with. Sherry is 11 in a couple of weeks.

I never think of Rosa as being old but 8 is considered senior.
Shiloh just turned 2 on April 7th. At night when we go to bed he likes to watch T.V. To be so young he gets such a serious look on his face, almost like he's really concentrating.

I had my wonderful Newfie/Lab mix for 15 years. I really hope and pray to have Shiloh that long. No matter how long or short our pets live, it's never long enough.
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