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Stray Beagle

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Since abt 2 1/2 months we have a stray beagle walking around our house; He was doing his 'route' several times a day, walking from one end to the other side through our property.
Initially, i told him to go away (Another stray dog...).
But he was not really afraid and even stopped from time to time.
Then, now abt 4 weeks ago, he was limping... held his back right leg up all the time and seemed to have lost weight too.

So, my wife and i started feeding him (I know, than they will never go away...) But we feld sorry for a kind dog like he seemed to be.

My question is; i am trying to get him to trust me; e.g. to look at his bad leg; but allthough it's getting a little better, he is very squiddish (sorry for my english).
I have the impression, he had bad experience with people before; because; all of a sudden he showed up a few moths ago; i also think he is not a very good hunting dog (anymore); maybe that is why he was dumped?

If anybody has a good suggestion, please do so; My wife and i where not waiting for a -new- pet (We just lost our Dutch cat, that we brought from The Netherlands), but we both feel very bad for this , for what we can see sofar, very nice beagle.

We do feed him twice a day, and make sure he has water all the time; He stays around our house now every day, but most of the time, he will be hiding in the bushes untill i call him; he starts to react on the name i gave him...(malloot = silly in dutch). but he only comes out, when he thinks it's abt breakfast or dinner time....or if he smells something.

So, please, any suggestions?

kind regards
Dick H van der Schagt
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Oh dear, I have only just seen this. I really hope the poor dog gets a good home. Please entice him in to your home, with food, and have him captured and taken to a vet. He needs treatment, love and a home.
Are you in Holland? If so I know there are good animal rescue centres. Please try and get him taken care of and thank you for helping him.
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