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Stray Beagle

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Since abt 2 1/2 months we have a stray beagle walking around our house; He was doing his 'route' several times a day, walking from one end to the other side through our property.
Initially, i told him to go away (Another stray dog...).
But he was not really afraid and even stopped from time to time.
Then, now abt 4 weeks ago, he was limping... held his back right leg up all the time and seemed to have lost weight too.

So, my wife and i started feeding him (I know, than they will never go away...) But we feld sorry for a kind dog like he seemed to be.

My question is; i am trying to get him to trust me; e.g. to look at his bad leg; but allthough it's getting a little better, he is very squiddish (sorry for my english).
I have the impression, he had bad experience with people before; because; all of a sudden he showed up a few moths ago; i also think he is not a very good hunting dog (anymore); maybe that is why he was dumped?

If anybody has a good suggestion, please do so; My wife and i where not waiting for a -new- pet (We just lost our Dutch cat, that we brought from The Netherlands), but we both feel very bad for this , for what we can see sofar, very nice beagle.

We do feed him twice a day, and make sure he has water all the time; He stays around our house now every day, but most of the time, he will be hiding in the bushes untill i call him; he starts to react on the name i gave him...(malloot = silly in dutch). but he only comes out, when he thinks it's abt breakfast or dinner time....or if he smells something.

So, please, any suggestions?

kind regards
Dick H van der Schagt
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First, welcome to BW.

Second, I know your intentions are good, but PLEASE be careful. Any injured animal will bite.

Personally, since this little guy is injured, I would call your local Animal Control or Humane Society and let them catch him. They know how to catch him safely without hurting him. My concern is his leg is injured and needs immediate treatment or he may lose it. Another concern is your safety. If you plan on adopting him, let them know that from the beginning.

What are your plans should you get him on a collar and leash? Do you plan on taking him to a shelter or your local vet? Are you planning on adopting him? Are you willing to pay the medical bills should they be expensive? You need to think this through.

Let us know how it goes. Good luck.
Well, welcome to beagle World and Murphy and Summer's Dad raised some good questions. I would not hesitate to collect him, take him to a vet, have him examine, checked out, and assuming everything was repairable, have him neutered and chipped and make him a part of my home but that is something for you to seriously way. I do hope this poor boy can get the love and life he and all dogs deserve. Do keep us informed of what happens to Malloot.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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