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We have a clepto in the making!

Got up this morning and heard a new sound from under our bed....took a look and found a treasure trove! Shelby has been quietly amassing a holiday stash.

Found (didn't even realize were missing
big plastic end off of something
hand sanitizer
small Christmas gift
Small gift bag (1"x1-1/2"x3") with sealed treats (obviously sealed where she couldn't smell the contents!!)
ball of discarded wrapping paper
wad of stuffing from pillows Peggy was making

Nothing was chewed up on anything. Just stashed for the winter I guess. She is going to get a LOT more attention now!

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LOL! That's too funny. Quite an interesting combination of items. Jersey likes to stash stuff under our bed as well. She's always got something under there. Whenever she steals something she knows she shouldn't have, it goes under the bed or in her crate. I'm often calling her my little klepto Beagle.

All I have to say is too funny and yet so cute! Chase likes to unwrap our gifts he has revealed two gifts to our son already. :sign20:

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I woke up late this morning. I started making the bed. Pulled the sheet up… Then the blanket… Where the heck is our big, king-size, down comforter ???
I found it wedged half in and half out of the flapper door leading to the back yard.
Sparky doesn't fool around when he steals things!
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