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Spaying during heat cycle?

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Well Chloe went into heat this past week. I swear if it has not been one thing this summer it has been 20 different others. My Mom, the saint she is finally gave me a blank check to get both the Twins spayed.

I talked to the Humane Society where the Twins will be spayed at (they will have to been gone overnight and have to travel about 60 miles away to do it----I am really concerned but they so need to be fixed) and the lady there said there is no problem that Chloe is in heat.

So how much risk is there in spaying during a heat cycle?
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From what I know, when I asked the vet, he said there is no problem with spaying during heat... I was told that by another guy from the neighborhood, that spayed his dog while she was in heat... Good luck!!!

My Chloe is going under the knife in October (hopefully before her first heat - I don't even want that mess)...
Personally I would wait until she's finished her season. At the earliest have her done 4 weeks from when she first commenced bleeding ( as you might know the bleeding stage isn't actually the fertile in season stage...although some dogs will bleed during the whole heat cycle which is around 21 days or so). I'm not an expert on breeding by any means ( the vet I worked with was though). We would never spay a dog if it was in season or at least strongly advise against it. Yes it can be done but there is a much greater blood supply to the uterus and associated blood vessels which leads to a higher risk of bleeding/haemorrage during or after the surgery. Plus the tissues are more fragile to handle when you are operating as everything is engorged and enlarged.
Of course if you can't have it done any other time then do it now rather than not at all but be aware there is a slightly higher risk with the op. She probably won't have her next season for another 6 months so you've got a couple of months to organise it and do it at the safest time possible for them.
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I would wait until Chloe is out of heat. I thought Amber was done with her heat when I got her fixed but it was just that the bleeding had stopped. She was still in heat when they opened her up for the surgery. The vet called me to tell me that they could still do the procedure, but there would be an extra cost involved as well as some extra risk (he said very minor and he'd never seen a problem, so we went ahead with it). Fortunately, all worked out fine with my girl and I don't regret it. I just would have waited had I known to avoid the extra risk (as well as the extra $50!).
Beasley is scheduled to be spayed on sep. 21st, we are hoping that she won't get her first heat prior to that!
Phoebe was spayed while she was in heat. I had already made the appointment when she came into heat. After talking to my vet I decided to keep the appointment. It did cost a little extra, but she came through it just fine. The main danger is that the scent is still there for male dogs and you really have to be careful with supervision.
It is not going to be an extra cost. I am also worried about the heat smell but it seems like an upper neighbor I don't know always has a dog or 12 in heat.........
Popcorn was spayed while she was in heat too - she was about to come out from the rescue in Newfoundland to us in Vancouver when she went into heat, so the rescue decided to have her spayed there as originally planned even though she was in heat and it wasn't an ideal situation. But it went fine and all was well from there on.
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