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The Wonder Twins, Chloe and Lillie was spayed August 28. They were taken to Asheville from Hickory via the Humane Society and spent the night. The next day Hubby picked them up and they were still woozy that night. But they were also out in the back yard the next morning.

They had no outside stitches and did not require a followup and totally back to normal within 48 hrs physically. Now we had a special case in that my neighbor's dog just had puppies the first of August. Chloe was in heat during the spaying and no problems but Lillie had went into heat 2 months prior to the spaying and for some reason she went into a false pregnancy and it was bad for a week trying to mentally get her out of the false pregnancy.

We got through it and now don't have to worry about any unwanted puppies!

Good luck Dakota!

PS It only cost us $57 a girl!
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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