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Sadie is an experienced over-nighter on the boat, but the 4th will be Sparky's first time. This involves being carried to shore through waist-deep water (If I anchor right.) for potty breaks, etc.
We'll be watching fireworks from a couple miles away. So I don't think he'll have a problem with the noise. She didn't last year.
Our boat is very modest as far as over-nighting goes. The cabin is un-air-conditioned, and extra cozy. Fine for two adults and one warm beagle in the winter, but in July?... Mom and Sadie will share the cabin while Spark and I will be on an air mattress on-deck, under the canvas top.
He usually gets crated at night until I leave for work in the morning. So this will all be new for us.
Wish us luck. I'm sure one sleepless night won't kill any of us… If that's what it comes down to.

God bless America. Proud as ever, but we sure could use some guidance these days.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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