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Our little rascal was at the vet yesterday for a parvo vaccine, and so that the Doc. could look at some redness on his belly. (Probably just an allergy to something blooming in the lawn. - Benadryl and a mildly medicated shampoo.)
The Doctor was telling me about it and stopped himself mid-sentence to looked down at Spark, who was sitting at attention and staring up at him… The Doc. Opened the cookie jar and gave him one, then continued with what he was saying.
When he left, the Tech. came in and Spark pulled the same thing on her.
By the time we walked out of there, little Super-Star had 4½ cookies in his belly!

He really was a good boy, though.
Even in the waiting room with other dogs around us… MUCH better than his first visit, when he took out the Science Diet rack!
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