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Sometimes I hate people

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Jersey's daycare and the pet shop where I buy her food (and everything else for her!) are conveniently located next door to each other. Today, there was a lady in the parking lot with a Beagle/Walker Coonhound mix that she was fostering. I stopped and talked to her out in the parking lot before I went into day care. I told her I had a Beagle/Hound mix that I was picking up next door. We talked about rescues, etc. She even knew the president of the rescue I got Jersey from. Well anyway, when I came into the shop she exclaims about how fat Jersey is! Now, Jersey isn't as lean as she used to be, but fat she is not. She told me I had better watch out with the treats and people food. I explained that she gets very few treats and people food, and if I do give her some I cut back on her food at feedings to compensate. She told me that I had better get her Thyroid checked because she was way too fat for a dog that wasn't overfed. I wanted to kick her in the head! Why do people have to be so rude sometimes? Would you tell someone that their child is too fat?
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people who think they know it all :angryfire:


I don't think Jersey is fat !!!

Kisses and belly rubs from Sammy and me !!
Jersey, you're beautiful! :heart: I hope you didn't listen to that person.
It is people like that that got the saying going "the more I know people, the more I love my dog"! Lord help her kids if she has any. I imagine their self esteem must be lower than a snake's belly!!! Jersey is like my Shasta, she is a big girl but a far cry from fat. The people that know and love Jersey would not dream of saying something so dumb. As far as I am concerned all dogs are meant to be loved no matter what, not criticized. Belly rubs to Jersey from her Colorado Cousins two times removed!
You can do what I do when "know it alls" tell me I should "get rid of some of my dogs"! Just ignore them - and don't let it get to you. I have several dogs who are "sturdy" - not fat, but just "larger" than some of the others. The younger boys, Joe and Jack are littermates - but Joe has a much smaller "frame" - Jack is "sturdy" - they get the same food - same amount - they're just built differently. My dogs get a good quality dog food - RARELY get any people food (and then not much) and not much in the way of "treats" - they think they're terribly deprived - you should hear what they say about their mean old mommy!
However, I'm not going to GET RID of SOME of my dogs! Each has a special spot in my heart - so I just let those people (including my daughter) ramble on and ignore them.
Hubby's best friend told me last week that Chloe was getting chunky!

I just rolled my eyes and told him that she weighed no more than an average 15 inch Beagle (he has no clue what I am talking about and I am actually lying through my teeth....my Twins are 13 inchers....and probaly a couple of lbs over what even a 15 incher should weigh).
Don't mind her Jen (and Jersey)...

You should have told that woman that you and Jersey are supporting the "non anorexic models" fashion.

Some people are really stupid and untactful!
Very rude of that woman to go on and on. When our last beagle put on a few too many pounds our vet used to say 'Liebe dick und gesund als schlank und krank'. Better to be fat and healthy, than thin and sick.
Ignore that woman if you see her again.
how rude! just ignore it!

Jersey youre beautiful!

I'm reminded of the sign that hangs in my kitchen. It has a picture of a lamb on it, and says:

'Ewe's not fat, Ewe's fluffy'

Beagles are solid dogs! Pay no attention to rude people.....
I would have reflected and said something like "Oh wow, I was just thinking the same thing about you" and walked away. :lol2:

No, truly I would not have said something like that, though it would have crossed my mind....give her a taste of her own medicine.
Jersey is beautiful!! Don't listen to stupid people!!
All I can say is "ignorant woman"! Jersey is definitely not over-weight. I love Eleanor's response -- my problem, when people say nasty things, is that I don't think of a good retort until later. One response that I do use frequently, under varying circumstances, is "I'm sorry you feel that way." There is really nothing for anyone to say after that -- try it!
I would had to say, yes we all need to loose a few pounds /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif mosty if the lady was over weight
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Sigh... we really should be more like our dogs. Some more than others. As for, "Would you tell someone their child is fat?" this woman probably would.

Who was it that said, "Better to be quiet and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt," or something to that effect?

I've heard the opposite about my Lucky. They tell me he looks too skinny. Trust me, he eats just fine but that's how he is built. I just try to ignore people. Some people seem to think they know everything about everything...when they really don't! Jersey is beautiful and not fat! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif
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Quote:Originally posted by A doghouse:
Very rude of that woman to go on and on. When our last beagle put on a few too many pounds our vet used to say 'Liebe dick und gesund als schlank und krank'. Better to be fat and healthy, than thin and sick.
I think I have a new witty retort to use the next time I get the "fat" comment about our beagles! I just need some help with how to pronounce it!

And Jen - I know exactly how you feel. Do these same people go up to pudgy children and tell their parents that they are too fat?! Why is it acceptable to make such comments about dogs? Ugh.
I know exactly how you feel. My girl Gracieis -well fat- I can say that... but I give people death glares when they actually say "gee she is fat" or"she sure likes to eat huh" and all sorts of variations. While they laugh about it, like I am going to laugh about it too. I sometimes want to say "yeah what of it, so am I..got a problem with that?"

My DH always says.."well there is more of her to love."

some people are really tacky and have no taste.
Sorry, I know it will sound harsh, but if I see a dog that is fat I often make a little comment on it. I wouldn't go on and on, but often I find that people don't realise their dog is over weight.

A breeder friend of mine had a co-worker bring their Siberian Husky in to be groomed, the dog was almost 40 kg which is about 13 kg over weight for a siberian!!!!!!!! They had no idea their dog was too big. They thought a Sibe should be fed 4 cups of food a day, when in reality their metabolism only allows for one cup per day. In this case, I would definately have commented.

Daisy has not had her regular exercise the last couple of months and has got a bit chubby, nothing is worse to me than having an overweight dog and I get comments all the time from people at dog training, social outings etc. I cut her food down in accordance with her limited exercise - it can be tricky, but I refuse to have a fat dog!

Obviously there would be times when it was inappropriate to say something and in Jersey's case she doesn't sound like she is very overweight. There is a way to say something and in Jen's case this woman obviously had no tact.
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It's not anyone's right or responsibility (except the vet's and even then behind closed doors) to comment on weight, and I consider it to be very bad manners to do so in a public setting.
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