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Some questions

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Molly is a bit over three months now and she doesn't bark. I know beagles are supposed to be vocal, but she seems totally disinterested in barking or howling. I have only heard her growl a handful of times, mostly at the local squirrels. I don't want to get really vocal, but I was wondering if this is normal for a puppy her age or if she is just a bit more shy using her voice?

Also, she is really biting a lot. I haven't had a puppy in a long time, but I remember that the biting is just normal puppy behaivor, I just can't remember when it is supposed to dwindle. We are very good about consistency in saying no, and now allowing chewing on our hands/fingers/ankles/feet/legs/arms/etc. - at least as much as we can. I am just really worried she will bite someone on a walk. We have a lot of young kids around us who love to run up to her and pet her, which she loves too, but she hasn't gotten the concept that she can't chomp on a person like she would another puppy. When can we expect this to end?
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Man, I would consider yourself lucky!! (LOL) Jack is two (the vet thinks) and for the first two weeks he was with me, never barked. Then his confidence began to build and OMG. I have to leave the dog park because his barking is out of control and driving everyone else crazy.

Despite his confidence growing he has separation anziety and it's getting really bad. I have a large outdoor kennel where he goes when I leave the house. Yesterday my neighbor called to say that his barking and crying was happening for the entire time I was gone from the house and would I please do something about it. So, I'm bringing in a trainer to make sure I am doing the training correctly.

Jack does the hand biting too but I've been able to about 90% of the time stop it with a verbal signal and a quick replacement with something he's allowed to chew on. It's taking a while to learn because he never really had a puppyhood being tied to a 6 ft chain his whole life.

So, this hasn't been much help in the sense of solid solutions but I thought I'd at least share your pain as I am going through the very same thing.

Good luck - and share with me any successful tips you learn for either the biting or the barking - when it starts!
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