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Some questions

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Molly is a bit over three months now and she doesn't bark. I know beagles are supposed to be vocal, but she seems totally disinterested in barking or howling. I have only heard her growl a handful of times, mostly at the local squirrels. I don't want to get really vocal, but I was wondering if this is normal for a puppy her age or if she is just a bit more shy using her voice?

Also, she is really biting a lot. I haven't had a puppy in a long time, but I remember that the biting is just normal puppy behaivor, I just can't remember when it is supposed to dwindle. We are very good about consistency in saying no, and now allowing chewing on our hands/fingers/ankles/feet/legs/arms/etc. - at least as much as we can. I am just really worried she will bite someone on a walk. We have a lot of young kids around us who love to run up to her and pet her, which she loves too, but she hasn't gotten the concept that she can't chomp on a person like she would another puppy. When can we expect this to end?
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Maggie is an incessant barker. Just this morning (5:30 am to be exact) she got out of bed, jumped up on the chair in front of my bedroom window and started barking and baying as loud as she could. It was still dark out and I couldn't hear any noise or movement outside, so I have no idea what she was barking at...but she barked non-stop for over an hour.

I got up several times and brought her back to bed, but eventually I just had to close the window and let her bark...there was absolutely no stopping her.

It wouldn't be too bad if this were an isolated incident, but it happens mulitple times every evening. As soon as it gets dark, she acts like she has to go outside to go potty, but as soon as she hits the door she takes off into the backyard barking her head off. We bring her back inside, and then she stands at the door again and barks. It's sooooooooo annoying!
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