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Some questions

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Molly is a bit over three months now and she doesn't bark. I know beagles are supposed to be vocal, but she seems totally disinterested in barking or howling. I have only heard her growl a handful of times, mostly at the local squirrels. I don't want to get really vocal, but I was wondering if this is normal for a puppy her age or if she is just a bit more shy using her voice?

Also, she is really biting a lot. I haven't had a puppy in a long time, but I remember that the biting is just normal puppy behaivor, I just can't remember when it is supposed to dwindle. We are very good about consistency in saying no, and now allowing chewing on our hands/fingers/ankles/feet/legs/arms/etc. - at least as much as we can. I am just really worried she will bite someone on a walk. We have a lot of young kids around us who love to run up to her and pet her, which she loves too, but she hasn't gotten the concept that she can't chomp on a person like she would another puppy. When can we expect this to end?
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Maggie didn't make a sound until she was 6 months. She started to bark at about 9 months and now at 2 has a more mature, full beagle bark. The biting didn't stop until she had all her permanent teeth. In fact when she was spayed my vet removed two back baby teeth because the permanent ones came in without the old ones coming out. Thats when she really stopped chewing on things. The biting got noticibly better at about 6 months. I thought she would never stop biting hands, arms,toes and chewing everything she could get ahold of but it does get better. I think it is a combination of maturing enough to understand what we wanted her to do and her mouth being more comfortable with all her permanent teeth finally in.
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