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Some People ....

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should just not own a beagle!! :grr: I was getting my hair cut this afternoon and talking about Maggie. The woman whose appointment was after mine said "oh, I overheard that you have a beagle". I asked her if she had one as well. She said ... "yes, a four year old and I am trying to get rid of her" -- I swear that that is exactly what she said!!! I am sure that I looked as shocked as I felt -- she went on to say that the dog barks all the time and she just can't stand it anymore. Turns out that she has a home with an acre of yard around it -- the beagle barks when it is outside -- DUH!!! but never barks inside. She had another dog as well and said "and the beagle howls constantly whenever they are playing outside". I was going to say something really nasty but decided I just needed to get out of there. I wish I was in a position to go to her house and take the beagle back home with me but just not possible. If anyone in the Tampa Bay area is looking for another beagle, let me know -- I am sure I can get her name and telephone number from my hairdresser.
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Oh my goodness, how terrible. I would also feel like taking the beagle. Hope you get some response and some loving person can rescue that poor beagle.
Some people!!! :angryfire:

What is so hard to understand that a DOG will do DOG things?
I only wish that I had a house with an acre of land for Jersey to howl on! Some people just don't get it. Let your dog be a dog! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/mad.gif

Judy, you may want give your hairdresser TBBR's info to forward to that woman. They'll find her a nice home where she can get lots of love.
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:angryfire: Some people just don't get it, do they?!
People. Ugh. Why do they get beagles when they clearly don't understand them and want something else?

Those comments do hit home for me and remind me of those we heard from Booker's former owners - they basically fought with her for 3 1/2 years trying to make her behave like a golden retriever. In good true beagle fashion she refused to go along with their plan, and they finally decided they needed to wash their hands of her (and get a real golden retriever). They would tie her up outside all day every day and then get annoyed that she would either howl or escape, or both. And they would also get annoyed when they took her to their many soccer games, because she would not just sit calmly at the side of the field (like the golden retrievers) but wanted to go off and explore. They did have one funny story, though, about hitching her up to the bag of extra balls with the hope the weight would stop her from roaming around... but she instead took off across the field dragging all their balls behind her! Go Booker!

But their loss and frustration with Booker was definitely our gain - and hopefully someone who appreciates that woman's beagle will also take the beagle off her hands... and everyone can live happily ever after.
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Some people should not be allowed to have the honor of having a beagle, or any animal. :angryfire: Hope someone deserving decides to adopt this beagle.
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