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So proud of our girls.

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This past weekend we have been at a 4 day Agility festival and the girls have done us proud.

Willow has been listening and got 5 clear rounds and gained a few good placings as a result.

Rasha had six clears and got a third place in agility on Friday, plus a few good other placings. She continues to improve show by show and for such a young beag is showing great promise of becoming a top agility dog :thumbup:

Bonnie did us really proud she did 13 runs and got 11 clear rounds gaining a 1st in Agility on Saturday :thumbup: For which she won 15kg (30lb) of high quality dog food, what more could a Beagle want :ecstatic:

The points Bonnie gained this weekend have put her on the verge of being promoted to the 2nd highest level of agility in the British Agility Association.
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:woohoo: What great results!! Treats all around. Kudos to you for your hard work.
Congratulations! :thumbup:

Congratulations. Maggie and I are proud of all of you.
Congratulations! Brilliant performance by all 3 of your pack and pack leader of course.
I like the idea of dog food as a prize!!
Congrats!!! :happyhappy: Way to go... :woohoo:
That's great results!! Congratulations to all your girls! :animal18:
Good job to you and your pack!
I take my Beagle to our first agility trial august 4-5.. :thumbup: Hearing this makes me less nervous, knowing other beagles are doing great!!!
Congratulations from us here in Bangkok!!! They are all 'Super Beags' :woohoo:
I'm always so proud of your girl's accomplishments (almost like they represent all misunderstood beagles everywhere! )

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