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Sometimes vets (like doctors) do tend to overprescribe. I know that happened with Cassie. She had a growth on her foot that became infected and I took her in to have it removed (new vet, there normal vet retired). Her leg was swollen at the knee and he said it wasn't from the growth.

After xrays we didn't need to check for bone cancer (scared the .... out of me!) that turned out negative, he said the swelling must be from her heart and prescribed Lasix (water pills). I really thought the swelling was from the infection and after they removed it, the swelling went down. When I mentioned this, he said that wasn't what it was from and if I stopped giving her the pills, it would come back. Well, I checked his theory and it's been a year and the swelling has never come back. So he was putting her on pills she didn't need without even doing the necessary testing.

Needless to say, we switched vets right after that.

I think sometimes our society has become so pill happy that it's the first thing everybody reaches for as a quick fix. Though in most cases, they are very necessary and do improve quality of life, there are rare occasions that they aren't needed and it's so hard to know the difference. Best of luck to sweet Sherry. I hope everything works out for her.
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