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Quote:Originally posted by bob:
My Bagel was a real bashful pooper and once held it for 3 days until I learned the trick of letting him go behind a bush and boy did he talk a dump!
Yep! I also have a bashful pooper, and he is also a rescue. Like Bob's Bagel, my Calvin would only go poo in the high weeds, with his back turned. That lasted over a year, but he still doesn't like anyone to watch :freak:

My other thought: Most dogs prefer to defecate FAR from their living area. If Dash is being harrassed from all sides, AND prefers to be farther from the house....that might be your problem.....she's just holding it until she can't hold it anymore.

Hang in there.....what goes in, MUST come out (sometime) /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif
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