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Snoopy's first swim lesson!

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I took Snoopy to the lake for the first time this summer...
she was too scared of the waves to walk in so i put her in from the dock - she sure doesn't like it!!! but she's such a strong swimmer!! i'm hoping in time she'll learn to like it

P.S - i found a lost baby snoopy tooth - yay i get to keep one! haha


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LOL! She sure doesn't like the water does she? She's still a cutie though.
LOL! She looks so funny in the last picture.
I can tell by the last picture that she really didn't want to be in the water. She looks ready to cry.
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she looks so sweet and mad at you in the last picture.
Maybe next time you can go in with her to show her it's not as bad...
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Oh poor Snoopy!!! Although it does look cool and refreshing!!
Awww, poor Snoopy! She sure didn't like that. The lake is beautiful though. Great scenery!
She's like, 'You got me WET! How could you?!?!?'

Poor pup.
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OMG...that last picture is too funny! If looks could kill...LOL

I need to start getting Maggie used to swimming too. She's fallen into our pool several times, and starts to swim a little, but I have a feeling if we weren't right there to scoop her out, she'd get tired and drown. She just doesn't know to swim to the steps and get out. And because of that, we can't leave her unattended in the back yard.

Keep at it, and I'm sure Snoopy will learn to enjoy it! She's so darn precious!
hahaha thanks

i walked in with her once but she just doesn't like it - it was sooo hot though that i'm sure it felt nice for her...
she just didn't want to admit it hahaha
all in time
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the last picture says to me, Mom what did you do that to me for, I was good.
by the way I love Snoopys name.
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What awesome pictures! I LOOOOVE your dress. So cute and perfect for the lake!

And ditto to all the other comments, that last picture tells a thousand words. Sooo adorable!!
Ooooh, poor baby. She is not a water dog, that's for sure! Neither is Duke, his closest encounter was jumping in the spa when the cover was off and Dave was draining it. Luckily, he got right back out, but he has never attempted that again.

Li'l Maggie, we used to have a pool and labs and the most important thing in teaching your dogs to swim is to teach them how to get out. We put them in (while we were in the pool) and then swam over to the steps and taught them where they were. Of course, they loved the pool and we couldn't keep them out of it.
LOL, that 2nd picture is hilarious, it says it all!!!
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