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Snoopy in the Snow!!

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....and LOVING IT...

I swear he looks like a rabbit jumping around because the snow reaches up to the top of his legs in most places.

On the sidewalk

He is sniffing like crazy here..I can barely walk!

I hope these sizes are ok..havent posted a pic in a while.

Manda and Snoopy
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Nice pictures of Snoopy! He's very cute. I'm glad he's enjoying it, and I know just what you mean about hopping like a rabbit. My dog does the same thing.
What beautiful pictures! That is some nice looking snow, our snow never looks that white. Snoopy looks like he had fun!
Hi Manda and Snoops....
So glad you're enjoying the snow and sunshine following that blizzard we had!
Maggie is making like a snowbunny while the sun shines (but when the sun goes down and the temps fall, she HATES to go out, so I carry her out to potty) She's not spoiled or anything :redface:
Beautiful snow pictures, but please keep the white stuff north of Georgia!
Lovely pictures!!! You know, after I've seen so many pictures here of beagles playing in the snow, I kind of want my Boeing to experience it, too, just to see if he likes it. But I guess there won't be any chance, and I think he's so used to the tropical heat now /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif
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