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It has been a really long time since I have posted an update...and they wanted to say "HI"

Snoopy- my rescue is loving S. Cali...we have not had to use Comfort Zone for his anxiety since we have been here. He is starting to like Marbles better, but still gets really jealous and takes all of Marbles' treats.....I yell at him No, and he is hurt, I think he still thinks Im giving preference to Marbles, but I give them the same treat, and he cant have them both. Not sure if anyone had this problem with 2 beagles..but it is like whatever I give Marbles is "better" and he wants it even if he gets the same thing.

Snoopy is starting to get 'jumpy' again..IM not sure why, and this is upseting us both..he is getting jumpy over nothing outside again, and we walk the same paths, and I dont push him to be social to other people...we think ?maybe he is feeling insecure now that Marbles is around and maybe he feels like we give Marbles too much attention and feels neglected...yeah, we do give Marbles 'more attention'...by yelling at him..Marbles has to be watched constantly b/c he cant be let out of site..but at the same time, I try to give extra love to Snoopy b/c of this.

Marbles:...another story...oh geez, where to start.
First, he is becoming more loving, he will sleep at my head, on my chest when I let him out of the crate at night. Still not happy to see us like Snoopy. First, he is SUPER attached to me..prob b/c my fault..I gave so much love to him at first b/c he was so distant, and not happy to see me like Snoopy was..now I just realize that is likely b/c Snoops was the rescue.

Potty training- going well, but we still have accidents, no big deal

Chewing- HORRIBLE..OMG this dog doesnt stop..he chews and chews...he grabs a shoe, I grab it, yell "no" and he goes back and does it over and over again...to the point where I sometimes have to put him in his crate just to get any work done at night..if it isnt a shoe, it is the trash can, or the couch or the entertainment system...it is crazy, and he has TON of chew toys...so many..THIS is the reason Im not posting here...I cant get 5 mins w/o getting up and yelling at Marbles...Ive tried water sprays, he just keeps going and going...like the freeking energizer bunny..he doesnt stop!!

OH, why am I posting now..b/c they are at daycare..hehe

Then another issue...Marbles is totally freaked with any new environment...this is horrible b/c we wanted him to be confident to help Snoopy out..I take him to the pet friendly shopping mall, he just pulls back to home...took him to the beach, he freaked..not sure if it is the people or the environment....but I take him when there are few people around so I think it is the new places that scare him....please help me here..i really want him to be confident..i even walk him without Snoops so that Snoopys scared behavior didnt wear off on him..is there something Im doing wrong.

Good news is that they get along

Pic #1- Snoopy trying to get toy from Marbles in the crate
Pic #2- Getting along

Images are not working..not sure why, I guess the new system...any idea how to post now....I went to 'post image' link put my link in, it comes up as text...help!!

OH, another ?....Marbles looks fat to me...he acts hungry all the time so we give him the recommended amount of puppy food..Is it just that he is a puppy and doesnt have the 'hips' or maybe he is overweight and we need to cut back food? He is almost 10 months..still gets puppy food, rec by the Vet...should we cut back the food and when do we start feeding adult food? How do we know he is adult height??? Snoopy is 15 inches, Marbles only 13 right now..so does this mean he will stay at 13 inches.

sorry for the long email...just lots of ?s..little time without the dogs..hee

Amanda, Snoopy, Marbles
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