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I have resigned myself to the fact that when I have a young beagle here, they're going to chew - and chew - and chew! And Climb - and get into things - and jump up on the counters - and table surf when I'm not home - which is why the youngsters are crated when I'm gone.
By the way, plain canned pumpkin is good for the poops. I need to get some - one of mine has had poops for a couple of days - and I'm out of my old standby. Not the pumpkin pie mix, just the plain canned pumpkin.
Marbles WILL outgrow this - but it may take a while. My Angel was a year in April, and she's still chewing up everything she can get in her mouth - figure another 6 months or so she'll be a good dog! I have a friend in my beagle group who had never had a beagle before and adopted a 9 month old beagle (her first beagle) from a shelter - he'd been in 3 homes by the time he was 9 months old - and had many issues - probably had been abused, probably locked in a basement - and went crazy when crated. She kept saying when will he stop destroying everything? We kept telling her it WOULD happen - usually by about 18-24 months. She was determined that her home would be his forever home - she took him to obedience classes - then advanced obedience classes, and finally he became a certified therapy dog. He still has some issues - but he is a good dog and did eventually outgrow the destructive behaviour. I have 9 beagles here - 4 were born here, 3 were adopted as puppies, and a couple of older rescues - I can't even tell you the things that have been chewed up - and, in fact, are still being chewed up. I'm surprised any of them have survived, considering the things they've eaten (or at least chewed up) - remotes, computer cables, telephones, books, shoes, underwear, sheets, blankets, quilts, furniture, cabinet doors, cds, you name it, I've probably lost at least one of them. Right now the favorite chew thing is anything made of plastic - the whelping boxes (hard plastic), wastebaskets, even my clothes hamper. It's not even just the puppies - Joe, and Jack, both 2 1/2, Bella (2), Angel (1), and their sire, Tanna, who is almost 6, all find anything made of plastic YUMMY. I can't put EVERYTHING on top of the entertainment center where they can't reach it
. It will get better (I keep telling myself that anyway).
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