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Sneaky pees!

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I can't seem to catch her, but there is evidence in my living room that Penne pees on the carpet from time to time! I guess she is smart enough to do it when I'm not looking or not around, and it only happens once in a while, but I'm not happy about it! She is perfectly healthy... just had her annual check-up... so I'm guessing it's just out of carelessness or something. I let her out so many times during the day and I know she can hold it! I also know she hates to go out when it is raining, so this might be when it's happening!

Help! I need a pee detective!! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/wave.gif
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How old is Penne? Does she have a favorite area of the carpet that she pees on? Be sure to clean the area real well to remove the scent. Our Puppy Kindergarden teacher said to sprinkle white pepper (if carpet is light) or black pepper if the carpet is dark around to discourage peeing.
Wow, she IS sneaky if you can't catch her and it happened a few times now. Don't give up, you'll catch her eventually.

Another suggestion - how about an enzymatic detergent to remove the pee scent.... ?
We had a (thankfully) short lived episode of stealth pees in our bedroom a few months back. Once I cleaned it really well with Nature's Miracle, he never did it again. Hope you can have the same luck with Penne.
I have used that Zero Pet (I think that is the name) with good results. Yes, Sam sneaks to the bedroom-perhaps he thinks he might try out the litter box. Good thing we have a litter maid or he might be getting lots of chocolate goodies from the box!!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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