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Charlie is one year old, and still small in size. 22lb slim all over. I know some of you have a field beagle 15", is Charlie on the right track? I can still easily scoop him up and hold him, he likes to be cuddled.

Charlie mom
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Does he seem happy? Does he drink and eat regularly? Does he play? Does he sleep well?
If yes, your dog is just fine. There are Beagles who, through the breeding, are thinner, with a very slim face, which, in the show world is a common fault. Also, some lines do mature and grow slower than others. Many Beagles do not put their muscle mass until the 2nd year. Perhaps Charlie belongs to this category. 22lbs is not that bad. If he is healthy and happy, why worry about a particular trait that may just be one past on by his ancesters...
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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