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Well we put the word on the street that we have found a new pup. Surprisely, a neighbor was walking what HAS to be Jack's twin yesterday and I asked her what kind of dog hers was. It is half Beagle and half Jack Russell. I asked if she knew who Jack belonged to and she claimed not to(strange I think that Jack's twin is in the neighborhood and Jack is new here????).

So I guess Jack is pretty much here to stay until we can find him a home where he is loved as much as we love him. He also has his own color collar! Lillie is purple, Chloe is red and Jack is royal blue!!!!!

His adventures so far this past week have been, going with Hubby to pick up his 6 yr old (his ex might be taking Jack when her work schedule gets a little less hectic but Jack showed himself and walked into her bedroom and peed on the door frame), coming to work with me 2X and sleeping under my desk all day, doing his daily visit to all the neighboring dogs (I would never allow the Wonder Twins to wonder because they are true
Beags and think with just their noses), spending one night out wandering, with a sick Tammy going outside every hour to check to see if he came home, and getting pounded by the Wonder Twins daily, who outweight him by 10lbs each. He has slept inside everynight with no accidents and always has fresh water and food in the bowl. He didn't take too well to liking the doggie biscuits but I think he is catching on that they might actually taste good after all.

Hubby worries that this might not be his place, due to not one but 2 alpha females who are obsessed with hunting while he looks at them both like they are CRAZY. He is always happy and kind but sometimes gets this far away look to him. But if he does stay long term, he will be getting neutered and his own harness.
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