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I had a similar situation with a neighbor at a former residence. She complained to the village that our shihtzu was pooping on thier lawn. Our shihtzu was blind, therefore was NEVER let off the leash, and if I was outside (doing yard work or whatever) she was tied and her tie couldn't reach to any other yard.
Anyway, this neighbor had a small dog too, and I had actually caught her picking up poop from her yard and throwing it over the fence into our yard!
I managed to catch her on video and showed the village office. I never got another complaint from the village office again, but they had mentioned that she denied that was her on the video and still complained. (Fortunately it was a small town as well so the village office was aware of our blind dog and knew we never let her loose)

If I were you, I'd try to video the dogs when outside with sound, and hopefully you'll hear a dog barking IN THE BACKGROUND. You don't have to be able to prove who's dog is the noisiest, just that yours aren't.

You'd think people would have better things to worry about than someone elses dog.
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