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Sleeping Pattern

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Hi all,

Looking for some advice my 1 year old beagle is having issues with his sleeping pattern and frankly it’s driving me insane.

He’s always had his moments with sleeping but has usually always been good. He now has a habit of waking between 1-3am and crying to be let out. I let him out (in case it’s the toilet calling) but he never needs the toilet. He will literally stand outside in the garden and stare at me. I usually have to bribe him with treats to come inside which I know is reenforcing the behaviour but if I don’t he often starts barking or howling which is not ideal in the early hours of the morning. I bring him inside and he cries at the door to be let out for 1-2 hours !!!!

For context he sleeps in my bed and also he usually falls asleep around 10pm absolutely fine.

Any advice on how to stop this or even slightly help would be appreciated!
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When I take Sophie out to 'go potty' I take her on a leash. We stand in one place (her potty place) until she goes. We live in a very rural area, so have a lot of 'critters' outside at night - and if she hears them she wants to join them. I have a 'white noise' machine to help screen those sounds out.
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