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OMG the Twins at 7 months now prefer to be outside all the time, including around 3-5am! For the past 2 weeks Lillie wakes me or hubby up at all hours of the night, wanting to go outside! And even when the Girls are in for the evening-after 10Pm one of them is usually sitting at the door wanting to go out. Thank gosh Chloe is turning into the lazy one that appreciates sleeping on top of hubby and me :lol2: ! It is driving us crazy!

Also Lillie has been in heat (at 6 months!!!!!!) and suddenly she is obsessed with *hunting* almost 24/7 (we have a good fence--knock on wood so no one gets in or out without us knowing about it) so we have not been able to do the long walks like we had been prior to the heat period so I know that is probably some of it, but they still are on the go all day long, *hunting* and playing with each other.

Any more suggestions to get them to sleep all night (again I know this next week we will be able to start walking again so maybe that is the answer).

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Aren't 2 Beagle pups fun? ha ha Yes they are, but a lot of work. We got Sadie and Pooh Bear together as puppies, but they are not brother and sister, and they are the same age. Well, Pooh Bear is a few days older than Sadie. I don't think ours slept through an entire night until they were 4 years old. Ours would want to go out at night to go pee and if there were a scent out there, they would go crazy baying and barking and running all over the yard. Even at 3 a.m. So I started taking them 1 at a time on the leash if they needed to go pee in the middle of the night. We go out and pee, no nonsense and right back in and back to bed.

Part of our problem was that we didn't get them fixed until they were 4 years old. We were trying to mate them. They are not related. But we knew nothing about mating doggies and we let them try it from age 2 - 4.Sadie had a heat every 9 months to a year. Hers were not that often. Sadie just was not interested. And Pooh Bear was marking in the house terribly because he lived in a house with an intact female and both of their harmones were raging. When they were fixed Sadie was happier and Pooh Bear did not mark in the house any more.

They are now 7 years old and still love to hunt in the yard. Pooh Bear is much more mellow than Sadie.
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