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silly homer

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here's homer-getting warm and cozy in hubbys shirt-and stuck!i know i should have gotten him out of there right away but we were too busy laughing with tears coming out of eyes and i had to grab the camera first.that'll teach him to mess with the clothes again!...lmao

and 5 mins later-all warm and tucked in ready for bed :heart:
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I love it. What adorable pictures.
Aww how cute and sweet. Lol the first picture was too funny yet cute.
/forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif , that is funny....
I love the 2nd picture, he looks so cosy... :heart:
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ohhh how cute is that! :sign20:
Really enjoyed those. What a sweet little thing.
cute! Hubby says he looks like a hotdog!
Thank you for sharing.

You pictures made me howl with laughter.

He certainly is a very well loved and pampered beagle!!!
Sometimes, I'm surprised they can't talk!

Picture 2...

"Good night, Homer."

"Good night, Mama."
yes he is very much loved-and spoiled!sometimes i wonder what he is thinking-every night when i close the door i always say "good night homer"-it's my way of letting him know it's time for bed and he will be in there for a bit so no fussing and i wonder if he thinking "good night" or something too-silly huh?
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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