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In the past we allowed signatures to have Images and other media incorporated. We have turned off this feature a long time ago as the signatures were getting very large and were actually larger then the average post.

Recently we were asked to allow more characters for the signatures and changed the limit from 250 to 500 in an effort to allow users to list long URL's with a short click able link to personal or private web sites. This worked out well for some time.

Recently we have been seeing once again the signatures becoming larger then some of the post's in the message system. I have noticed in the past when a signature is very large and a single user has a large signature or several users with large signatures post in one thread the thread then starts to suffer as when you scroll down the page the only thing that stands out is the signatures. This has taken away from the message board and has in turn cut down on the responses to many post's.

We are asking you to prune your long signatures to be short and sweet and to the point as not to distract from the message board in general. We are allowing two weeks for every one to make an effort to bring those long signatures under control. I will be once again be limiting the signature length to 200 characters regardless of URL's being listed in the signatures in order to help limit the size of the signature size.

If you have forgotten or didn't have time to prune your signature by the end of the two week time limit one of the moderators will assist you and prune your signature on sight to help in eliminating some of the clutter and large areas being utilized by signatures. I personally will not be looking or pruning any signatures and please do not think this is all my idea.

If we can not bring the signatures under control once again it was suggested to me to just turn them off and mass wipe them from the profiles utilizing the message board system software. Once again, not my suggestion.

Yes I have been pointing out repeatably things that are not my suggestions as I have been doing other projects and only work in the staff areas of the message board and software. I have not read any or hardly any post's in the past few weeks, Sorry if I am appearing to me an absentee administrator however It appears that my daily activities in BW are not really necessary as we have a great staff and they do very well. I have been taking their suggestions to heart and letting them decide what needs to be done to make it even better. They all deserve a great pat on the back for their time and effort.
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