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<span style="color: #CC0000"><span style="font-weight: bold"><span style="font-size: 14pt">BEGINS APRIL 1st</span></span></span>
The BW Administrators have decided to enact a <span style="color: #FF0000">strict limit of three lines of text</span>, <span style="color: #CC33CC">NOT </span>including the text in signatures for the games we play, in signatures.

We feel this is more than enough space for a nice/informative/interesting signature, while at the same time keeping the board free of clutter and run-on signatures.

<span style="color: #FF0000">Other signature rules to be aware of (also in the BW TOS):</span>

-Images in signatures are turned off so codes with image tags will not work.

-Advertising for commercial, (501)(c)(3), or items for sale, in signatures is NOT allowed UNLESS it is pre-approved by either Joe (Joe Beagles) or Dave (JAISP Tech).

-Links to blogs and other personal sites like dogster and myspace are allowed.

-Links to other dog related forums are allowed but we ask that if you post a link in your siggie here you link to us on your other forum also.

If anyone has any questions or issues feel free to contact one of the administrators.

I will begin reviewing, deleting, editing signatures myself on April 1st.

Thank-you for helping us keep Beagle World a pleasant place to post!

To clarify what we mean by "three lines of text" we mean three consecutive lines of text.
<span style="color: green">EXAMPLE:</span>

Arroooo from Beagle World!
BW is a forum for people who are owned by beagles.
Every dog has his day and every day it for the dogs at Beagle World.
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