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*sigh* Just my luck, I guess. :)

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Last night was Elvis's first night of sleeping on the bed, instead of in his crate.

I fully expected to wake up this morning and find a hole chewed through the sheet, the blanket, the pillow, or any combination thereof.

What I did <span style="font-style: italic">not</span> expect was to wake up an hour and a half early to the sound of Elvis puking RIGHT BY MY EAR.

He threw up a large chunk of grass. I guess he ate it when hubby took him outside with him at 6:30 while getting the kid on the bus. I tossed the pillowcase in the laundry. He went back to sleep, I didn't.
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Ah! The infamous sound of a dog getting ready to puke. One time Daisy got on the bed to go to sleep and puked. She'd been digging up mole crickets in the backyard and all I could think of was that there was probably a chewed up bug in there. I don't think there ended up being anything but grass, but the image was still there. LOL

And when we first moved into our house, we got ready to go to bed the first night and brought the dogs in the bedroom. They kept going to the bedroom door and we figured they were just antsy being in the new house. Well... a few mins later almost at the same time, Rocky jumped on the bed and peed on the pillow and Daisy peed on the floor. It was like 1am and I was just speechless. It was a long night, but fortunately that was the only time it ever happened!
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