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Originally Posted By: Chloe's MommyWow... snazzy! Is this a Star of David I see there?
Yup! A friend had bought it for Mags for this past Hannukah and, when she went to look for it to wrap it up, couldn't find it! She just came across it so she decided it would make a good early birthday present!

I've been home sick for the majority of the past week and, thus, have been home to tempt Maggie with food during the day. She seems to prefer seeing a couple of tablespoons of food in her bowl at one time and, at the moment, she is liking some turkey/oatmeal/cranberry biscuits I got her. She is down to 21 lbs. -- we go for another weigh-in next Saturday. Hard to believe she weighed 32 lbs. a year ago. She has been in pretty good spirits -- I expect she doesn't mind me being home so much!
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