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Show leads???

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I am asking our UK members where you can get a decent half check show lead? I needed to go to Crufts this year but Gwenni was too little to kennel so could'nt go so did not get an opportunity to buy some leads.

Barking Mad, where do you get your show leads? and what sort do you use on Willow?

Caleb has outgrown his old one. I dont like slip leads as they choke the dogs, the half checks worked.

I want to be able to show Caleb and Gwenni this year.

Any suggestions welcome!!

I am going to hve to do the Ringcraft training at home as our local one is rubbish and snobby!!
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Thank you for the input Barking mad, I have brought a half check swivel show set for Caleb and a natural braid one for Gwenni

Just have to get me trained again to be able to handle and have the rescue remedy ready as I get very nervous. Half the times its not the dogs but me, funny that I am quite assertive in other aspects of life
I run my own business and have to deal with strange dog and cat owners its just that showing is new and I dont want to end up looking a prat!

Barking Mad I commend you for getting to Crufts and competing I would be like a headless chicken!!! How did you and Sarah keep your cool?

Its been hard trying to learn ringcraft skills as our local group where very unhelpful when Caleb was a puppy, I used to get shouted at when I did something wrong and no-one offered to show me the correct way
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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