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With 9 beagles, mine don't get to go very many places other than the vet's office. Chloe goes with me more than anyone else, like for trips to Grange to get dog food, or to the grocery store (she's not allowed inside, of course), but I don't really take them many places. Years ago my mom had a go-go dog - a little poodle that felt if anyone was going anyplace he should go - and go he did! The only time we left him at home was if it was warm weather. He liked to go shopping - and didn't care how LONG we were at the mall, as long as he got to go. In the winter he had a nice pillow and blankie to curl up on and as long as he was in the car he was HAPPY. He was so funny - if she was holding him to carry him to the car, but I had the car keys, he wouldn't even LOOK at her. I guess hope springs eternal for beagles, because they ALWAYS think I'm going to take them someplace.
I would never leave any of my dogs outside a store unattended.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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