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Thank you for asking about Shiloh. Yes, he is doing alot better-

taken about a week after xrays confirmed tail problem and diet changed/glucosamine tablets added - also having a cyber buddy do distant Reiki healing - it all worked!)

Shiloh is feeling so much better in fact that- a couple of days ago, after my neighbor began using a landscaping business to do his bakyard - they took out my neighbor's wood fence next to my chain link fence which left big holes on either side of mine - ample room for Shiloh to scoot out of my bakyard to go "hunting' in the neighborhood. Thank goodness I was out there to see him take off - not sure why Shasta didn't follow since she is so much smaller than he is. Anyway, for some reason I grabbed Shasta and put her leash on to take with me - I'm deaf in one ear and have no sense of hearing perception. Shasta heard Shiloh barking at a cat and lead me right to him. I got his Halti on and home we all three went. I wonder if Shiloh knows that his little sis ratted him out. Anyway, I'm still careful about just how much Shasta jumps on Shiloh - she is so rambunctious - this is one of her fav /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/crazy.gif things to do-

(this pic was taken BEFORE I knew about his tail problem - the more I look at this, the more I am sure this may have contributed to the problem)

I don't know if his tail will ever be up like it was - it's almost there but he is moving it alot and just looks like he feels a whole lot better. I am in the process of switching both Beaglebratz to a hi protein-lo carb diet and give them each a little extra glucosamine altho Shiloh gets more of it the Shasta. I'm a little concerned since they are related by blood in case this might be a hereditary thing and besides, Beagles are prone to develope disk problems (Shiloh is from the same litter as Shasta's mom).
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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