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She's Home!

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Here are acouple of pics!

One thing though, we are trying to get her to stay in the crate, but she is crying everytime.

I took outside and she went pee pee, and when we got back in the house mom said she could sleep with her tonight. :doh:

I told mom when i get back to Lubbock what am i going to do? lol

Hopefully she will adjust better to the crate, we will have to see.
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she is 7 weeks old, and as for getting in the crate she is fine. but it was Grandma that wouldn't let her back in the crate after she went to the bathroom! lol

either way we will try it again tonight, She stays in it during the day for short period, but i think she just had to go to the bathroom this time. cause as soon as her and grandma got to the bed after i took her out, she went to sleep! lol
Quote:Originally posted by Marley's Mommy:
She is adorable! I love her eyes and ears. Congrats!

Marley has the same red collar and bone tag.
on the other side of the bone tag is Texas Tech!!

I found it at the local petsmart store, so i had to get one for a Texas techfan of course!
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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