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she looks so bored!

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any suggestions on how to get snoopy to chew her yummy bones and toys IN her crate????
they're in there with her but she doesn't touch them unless they're outside of her crate :S
she looks so bored right now but i have to work!!!
poor thing
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Banjo has the same problem! He won't play with anything in his crate. He won't even accept TREATS in his crate!
ugh well that's a little worse.. she at least will eat treats... but sometimes (i think when she's mad at me) she pushes them away with her nose...
the only thing i can get her to play with in her crate is her kong... and only when its filled with almond butter goodness hah.
try that! snoops LOVES it i'm sure banjo will dive right in

might be a start anyways
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Don't worry about it, she will learn to entertain herself in due time. She is trying to play your conscience, being a Bealge and all....
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Yeah, I definitely will! I accidentlly bought the medium kong before I got Banjo so needless to say it's a bit big. I'm probably going to pick up a smaller one since I've heard dogs absolutely love them! Do you use the kong stuffing that comes in the can? Or something else?

How healthy is that stuff, do you know?
Yes they do eventually learn to entertain themselves when your gone.

In our kongs I've filled with peanut butter and froze. Sometimes I'd even add a cookie in the middle. But I always froze them, so it would take them longer to eat.
OK, there are so many newbies here lately, so here is how it goes:

you can put basically ANYTHING in a kong, that is not harmful obviously. i order to prolong the time the pup is playing with the kong, you can stuff it with layers and freeze is. They absolutely love it, and teething pups get the frozen cool feeling as a bonus.
Options are: peanut butter, cream cheese, any other cheese, yogurt, vegetables (broccoli, carrots, butternut squash, etc.), kibble, treats, whatever!!!
There are recipes in the kong website and other sites you can find through Google. Here are some I found:
Kong - look under tips and advice
Kong Recipes
i never thought of freezing it! genius!!!
so you do buy multiple kongs and just keep one in the freezer? hehe.
peanut butter is fine for dogs in moderation of course... i just use almond/cashew butter because of allergies in my family but she LOVES anything i put in there :p
the only thing she didn't like is when i filled it with real dog treats... mmm no thanks!
thanks for those sites!!!!
Yes, I've got multiple kongs. You can put anything in them...mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, veges, cheese...the choices are endless. I would mix some of Jersey's regular kibble in with the other stuff so she wasn't getting all people food. Those were in the pre-separation anxiety days when Jersey could actually be left home.
you all are so helpful thanks!
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