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Shared custody?

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Boyfriend and I are talking about getting a place this summer with his cousin as our roomie. It would have to be 2 bedroom and allow dogs. Roy loves Henry and knows he's part of the package, but I'm a college student living at home and my parents are very attached to Henry also. I would not want to give up 'custody' of Henry and leave him full time with the 'rents, mostly because he's my boy, and I trained him and do all the exercise/care. I'd live someplace close enough I could still see mom and dad a lot, so I'm wondering if any of you have worked out a sharing arrangement with dogs before. Like Henry could spend weekends with his nana and poppy lol. What do y'all think?
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Wow, I am so glad to see a post about a sharing situation!

Totti belongs to me and my boyfriend, but my mom is probably more attached to him than anyone. I live at home and my boyfriend lives at college. He's graduating in two weeks, though, so he will be moving home. He mostly stays with me and my family and for a few days at a time every now and then my boyfriend will bring him to his place at school (which is where he is now until Friday- I miss him!). However his stepdad isn't too fond of having a dog in their house so in the summer Totti will be back with me and the rents again. Then on the weekends when his parents are at the beach Totti will stay with him at his parents' place. Sounds confusing but Totti is well adjusted in all three homes and knows where he last left his bone and toys, so as long as Totti can handle it, we can handle it! I just have to hear my mom say how much she misses him every day until he's back here!! But when I move in with my boyfriend a few years from now, my mom will definitely have some nights with him, I can't take him away from her. So yes, share Henry with your parents, it will be good for him too!
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