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Shared custody?

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Boyfriend and I are talking about getting a place this summer with his cousin as our roomie. It would have to be 2 bedroom and allow dogs. Roy loves Henry and knows he's part of the package, but I'm a college student living at home and my parents are very attached to Henry also. I would not want to give up 'custody' of Henry and leave him full time with the 'rents, mostly because he's my boy, and I trained him and do all the exercise/care. I'd live someplace close enough I could still see mom and dad a lot, so I'm wondering if any of you have worked out a sharing arrangement with dogs before. Like Henry could spend weekends with his nana and poppy lol. What do y'all think?
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My girls aren't really what I would call shared but they do see alot of their Nannies and Aunty! My sister comes to my place every Friday night for tea and to help me take the girls out. Every Saturday we go to dog club for training which we do with my MIL. After club we then go to my Mum's. Sunday's we go to my Grandparents, then my MIL's and then my Mum's. Then later in the day my sister comes over to go for another walk.

They get lots of Nanny and Aunty time on the weekends!
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