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Just wondering if anyone's Beagle suffers from seizures. A few months after we adopted Buddy, he started to have seizures. I freaked out the first time, I drove him 25 minutes at 2am to an emergency animal clinic. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/eek.gif

The next day I took him to our regular vet and he did a complete blood work up but he did not find anything. 2 weeks later he had another mild seizure. I did not want to do this, but my vet reccommended putting him on Phenobarbitol.

When I started to research seizures in dogs, I found that Beagles are prone to seizures!

He has been on his meds since June, but we are slowly decreasing the dosage with our vet's approval. We think his seizures may have been a result of stress from his past life. I hate this medication, he is sleepy and so hungry! He cannot eat enough and now he is getting fat! :rolleyes: We are now down to one pill of 15 mg per day. He started on 2 pills at 30 mg each. So far he has been seizure free. We also changed his food, he now gets a mixture of Canidae and Solid Gold. Solid Gold has an ingredient called Taurine that is supposed to support heart health and it is also being tested as an aid in seizures.
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